Silver Mixed Tencel Antibacterial Yarn, 5 cones
Silver mixed Tencel antibacteria yarn in 40S dimension
6 Cones of Silver Mixed Tencel Antibacterial Yarn in size of 40S


Silver Mixed Tencel Antimicrobial Yarn

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Silver Tencel mixed yarn is designed for metallic textiles that need antistatic antimicrobial and thermally conductive properties making finished fabric become very versatile in structure.

Metallic Coating

Protective coating that can molecularly bond with products upon application. Bacteria are attracted to the coating’s positive charge, and upon coming into contact with the treated surface, they quickly die. When applied to surfaces, a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that attracts, then electrocutes and ruptures, a microbe’s negatively charged cell membrane.

99.9% Pure Silver

coating covers the entire surface of the fiber, providing uniform coverage and maximizing the benefits associated with silver, such as antimicrobial properties, electrical conductivity, and thermal regulation.